Our Quality and Environmental Certifications have been renewed

The audit by AENOR was completed on 20 and 21 February, confirming full compliance

When to use a stainless steel chain

The choice of a stainless steel chain over the conventional low-carbon steel chain depends

New energy efficiency project

3C CATENE has concluded an important energy efficiency project started in July 2022. After

3C Catene Srl : investments for recovery 2022

In recent months our company has implemented an energy efficiency project, financed under the

Company closing for summer holidays

We inform you that, during the summer period, the company will be closed from

Customizations with the customer’s brand and packaging

Do you want to personalize the chains you buy with your brand and/or packaging?We

Closing christmas time

on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, our company will be closed from Saturday

Chain in spools

Our chain comes in different packages and one of the most used is the

Our certifications are your guarantees

On the 3rd and 4th of April 2023 we had the surveillance audit by

3C Catene for the environment: small steps for a better world

3C Catene is preparing to launch the activities regarding the energy efficiency project set

Nickel-plated and brass-plated chain

Among the items in our catalogue there is the line of genovese steel chain

About us: interview in the “ferramenta” journal

FERRAMENTA, the Italian professional journal for Hardware and DIY field, published in its last