For over 50 years, we’ve specialised in crafting iron and stainless steel chains ranging from 1.30 to 3.90 mm in diameter. To date, we are the largest Italian producers of small chains.


Our commitment to sourcing materials and processing from local suppliers ensures a production cycle that delivers chains with declared and guaranteed dimensions, from the first link to the last.


We offer customisable options for all our chains, allowing you to choose the link size, finish, and packaging to suit your specific needs and applications.

3C Catalogue

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Our customers

We specialise in supplying chains and tailored solutions to three distinct types of companies (exclusively for professional use), each with unique product requirements and purchase volumes.
We serve as subcontracting partners for semi-finished chains, and we also offer our products in customised packaging and quantities ready for retail sale or immediate use.

3C Catene - 3c catene clienti industria


Chain manufacturers that want to expand their catalogue offer

3C Catene - 3c catene clienti rivenditori


Wholesalers and distributors

3C Catene - 3c catene clienti produttori


Manufacturers who use chains into their products or processes/installations

Fields of use

Our chains have multiple uses and are used in various fields of application. In particular, chains are essential for delineating areas and pathways, connecting components securely, and supporting small to medium loads effectively.
For every application, we can supply you directly with the component tailored to your requirements, ready for immediate use.
Tell us what you need to do and we’ll help you find the best solution.

3C Catene - 3c catene campi di utilizzo


Our machine fleet, featuring 37 automatic bending-welding machines, has been fully designed, engineered, and manufactured by us in collaboration with specialized external companies.


3C Catene - 3C Catene Certificazioni

Our Quality and Environmental Certifications have been renewed

The audit by AENOR was completed on 20 and 21 February, confirming full compliance
3C Catene - 3C Catene settori utilizzo portavasi

When to use a stainless steel chain

The choice of a stainless steel chain over the conventional low-carbon steel chain depends
3C Catene - news progetto efficientamento energetico miniatura

New energy efficiency project

3C CATENE has concluded an important energy efficiency project started in July 2022. After

3C Catene - Bando RegioneLombardia miniatura

3C Catene Srl : investments for recovery 2022

In recent months our company has implemented an energy efficiency project, financed under the

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3C Catene

We are a second-generation artisan company led by Walter and Luca Cortiana, sons of the founder Giampietro. Located in Lecco, a renowned Italian wire district, we carry on the tradition of excellence in wire and chain production. Our history is rooted in values that go beyond mere economic results, focusing on building profitable relationships and collaborations within our community. These partnerships have enriched our work, fostering year-over-year success in the market.

Certifications and certificates