Our policy

- In order to maintain a uniform, efficient company system, all aspects relating to quality, environment and health/safety are integrated into this system. The quality and environmental systems are certified (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015).
- The company policy is constantly updated in accordance with the relevant legislation and implemented at all levels of the company to enable effective control at the organizational level and throughout the process by applying procedures and involving the whole staff.
- The company policy must always and everywhere correspond to the values and philosophy of the company in order to achieve the set objectives.
- All employees must be enabled to carry out their tasks in a responsible manner through appropriate training and the sharing / application of specific operating procedures for each business area and work phase.
- Controls are organized at all levels to ensure the application of legal and company regulations in the various company processes.

- The satisfaction of the customer's needs is the first company goal. We want to achieve this with the quality of our products and services at a competitive price and through the professionalism of all our employees. In this way we want to strengthen the loyalty of our customers, who will always have confidence in our company.
- Innovative research, both in products and in processes, is a constant in all our business activities to improve performance, always protecting the safety of the product and the environment.
- In our organization, people are always at the center of attention, through their participation and responsibility in the project and by sharing the company philosophy. Every employee must always be aware of the areas in which he or she is responsible and where his or her efforts must be concentrated. Teamwork and the involvement of all employees at all levels is always encouraged in every area of work.
- Suppliers and external resources are considered an integral part of the company's productive assets; they must share our entrepreneurial vision and enjoy working with us.

- We start with the context and business purpose, including the nature, scope and environmental impact of each activity, product and service.
- In every production process, we always take into account the prevention of pollution in all its forms, in addition to performance targets and the pursuit of maximum efficiency. 
- We want to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations and protection of the environment. On this basis, we start with the objective of increasing environmental performance over time with a view to continuous improvement.   

- We want to guarantee safety in the workplace and maintain the health of the operators, as well as ensure that the products are safe and not harmful to health.
- We strive for a company mentality in which each person involved interprets "safety/health in the workplace" as a consolidated philosophy and behavior and not simply as a legal obligation.
- We ensure that all products sold are always safe and guarantee the health of those who use them.
- We define tasks and working methods precisely on the basis of a risk assessment to ensure the correct and punctual application of preventive measures over time. 
- Our staff is regularly trained by accredited instructors on all matters relating to the regulations on safety and hygiene in the workplace.
- We regularly update the health protocol with the aim of monitoring the health of our employees.