The machine fleet, consisting of 37 automatic bending-welding machines, has been entirely designed, engineered and built by us in collaboration with specialised external enterprises: 35,000 meters of chain produced every day!
This strength has enabled us over the years to continue to refine the quality of our products, to be able to respond quickly and effectively to market demands and achieve a high capacity and flexibility automatic production cycle.

The chains we manufacture are completely safe because we do not use hazardous substances in the manufacturing process resulting in an exceptionally low environmental impact!
The raw materials we use are :
-   steel : Fe360 B (S235JR) (UNI EN 10025 tables) and C4D - C7D – UNI EN 16120-2
-   stainless steel AISI 304/316 : 1.4307-1.4404-1.4567-1.4578 (tables EN 10088-3).

Effective and consistent in line controls allow us to ensure compliance with the specifications stated in the catalogue with a continuous quality of the produced chain from the first to the last link. You will find no differences between the nominal and actual dimensions or the weight/length of the chain. Furthermore all the dimensional tolerances are stricter than those imposed by existing standards and compared to those of our competitors.

Finally, all of our major suppliers are located in the province of Lecco: the advantage of a short supply chain not only provides certainty of ongoing consistent quality at a competitive price, but also the absolute respect of the Made in Italy, or rather ... the Made in Lecco concept.