All chain articles can be customised with different finishes to suit your needs: according to different fields of use, the aesthetic aspect or resistance to atmospheric agents.

The coatings available are:
• electro- galvanic treatments
• powder-coating

The treatments are non-toxic and/or not harmful for mankind and the environment.

We recommend the following finishes for outdoor use: GALVANIZED, TROPICALIZED, PRE-GALVANISED AND PAINTED.
The paint finish is only available for chains from 2.20 mm diameter upwards

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Self coloured chain

Polished chain

Nickel-plated chain

Brass-plated chain

Ancient brass-plated chain

Bronze-plated chain

Copper-plated chain

Black nickeled chain

Zinc-plated chain

Yellow galvanized chain

Painted chain

Burnished chain

Hot galvanized chain