Packing of products

The type of packing depends on the chain, shipping method and field of application of the article, to preserve the integrity of the content as far as its destination.
A label with a bar code is applied to each pack that uniquely identifies all the useful information needed to identify its contents.
In case of packs containing different types of chains, a check list is automatically generated and attached to the documentation for the convenience of the client during incoming material checks.

DRUM in iron - 200 liters

ø 60 cm - h 90 cm


120 X 80 cm - h 86 cm

BOX for chain in spools

22 x 37 cm - h 22 cm

BOX for chain in long length

28,5 x 20 cm - h 19 cm
20 x 20 cm - h 15 cm

BOX for chain in bundles

SMALL (16 X 9 cm - H 6 cm)
LARGE (19 X 11,5 cm - h 7,5 cm)

SACK in raffia

ø 25 cm - h 50 cm

Plastic spool type A,B and D

ø external 20 cm - ø internal 2,5 cm
A total lenght 17 cm
B total lenght 31,8 cm
D total lenght 9,5 cm

Plastic spool type C

ø external 15 cm
ø internal 3 cm
total length 15,6 cm

Metal spools type F, G, H

ø external 17,5 cm - ø internal 3 cm
F total length 10 cm
G total length 16 cm
H total length 32,5 cm