2023-09-23 16:15:35

Chains with declared and guaranteed product dimensions and tolerances

Chains are also selected according to the size of their link for the passage of pins or screws inside it. It is therefore essential that the actual measurements correspond to the nominal ones reported in the product technical data sheet or in the catalogue.
Not all chains on the market have these characteristics and the dimensions often differ from batch to batch. This disorientates the customer / final consumer who finds the same chain purchased in different periods with different dimensions from each other or different from what he expected.
3C CATENE, on the other hand, has organised its production process to ensure that:
- the dimensions of the chains are accurately reported in the catalogue with the relative tolerances
- the dimensions of the chains are guaranteed
- the tolerances are narrower than those of competing products

This way there will be no surprises between the nominal dimensions of the chain link and the actual ones!
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