2023-12-05 08:06:44

New energy efficiency project

3C CATENE has concluded an important energy efficiency project started in July 2022.
After an initial phase of analysis of company consumption, to identify the most energy-intensive lines on which to intervene, the project strategy was outlined which involved:
-  Elimination of the gas resource for heating in favour of a new (hot-cool) heat pump air conditioning system.
-  The replacement of the cooling system of the production machinery with a new generation one
-  Installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the building
At present the interventions have made it possible to :
-  reduce electrical process costs by about 23%
-  obtain self-generation of electricity equivalent to 55% of the company’s needs
-  Completely eliminate gas consumption as an energy resource
Satisfied with the result obtained, the project also allows us to continue our entrepreneurial policy of having a production process with very low environmental impact.
Every year we produce about 7 million meters of chain with the use of very few resources :
-  0 m3 of heating gas
-  100,000 kwh of electricity taken from the grid
-  190 m3 of water
-   210 litres of oils
and producing only
-   1000 kg of waste
For us, therefore, sustainability is not just a word that is fashionable today but we really believe in it!
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